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The look and feel of high-quality laminate floors make them virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Unlike parquet floors, however, they aren’t made from solid wood. Instead, they consist of an engineered wood core layer covered with a decorative layer. Laminate flooring comes in various widths and lengths. Large formats with surrounding V-joint and nature-identical embossing are now especially popular, as they replicate genuine country house-style plank floors more convincingly than ever before. Laminate flooring that is embossed in register – in other words, with the embossing closely following the colours of the grain, a technique that is known in some countries as “synchronized laminate” – looks astonishingly like real wood. Good laminate flooring is also robust, lightfast, easy to clean, and characterised by low emissions. 

A big advantage over parquetry, apart from being kinder on your wallet, is that you can easily install laminate yourself. A tongue-and-groove click-together system makes it incredibly simple to install attractive floors in your rooms. 

Laminate Flooring – Flooring with an Eco-Friendly Profile 

Laminate flooring is made primarily from wood, in other words from a natural raw material. Despite this, many people still believe that it is plastic. In actual fact, this type of flooring consists of a core of high-density fibreboard (HDF) to which a layer of décor paper is applied. The HDF panels consist to about 90% of wood fibre and 10% of environmentally friendly bonding resin. KRONOTEX produces laminate in state-of-the-art, energy-efficient plants that fully comply with expectations with regard to minimising emissions and protecting the environment. Our floor coverings do not contain any plasticisers or pesticides or any other harmful additives. You can therefore be sure that KRONOTEX laminate flooring has an excellent environmental footprint and is thoroughly healthy. 

A Wide Range of Decors for Creatively Pepping Up Your Rooms 

A huge range of laminate flooring styles and decors is available for creating an attractive ambience in any room: from classic wood looks, including reinterpretations of eternally popular oak styles, across unusual stone styles, to unicolours and fantasy patterns. Whether you prefer a minimalist atmosphere or trend to a cosier style, whether your favourite décor is oak, beech, maple or nut wood or you get more excited about the look of country house-style planks or a style that’s reminiscent of a ship’s deck, no matter whether you like it sleek and elegant or lively and colourful – with laminate flooring there are practically no limits to what you can do. 

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